Preparing for Surgery

Once you have made the decision to proceed with surgery, the next step depends on whether the surgery is to be funded by ACC, health insurance or self funding.

If your complaint is the result of an accident, then Dr Brick will lodge an Assessment Report and Treatment Plan (ARTP) with ACC.  For simple conditions such as an ACL tear in the knee, the processing time is around two weeks.  For more complicated assessments like rotator cuff tears and hip injuries, the processing time can be eight weeks.  You will receive an approval or declination in the mail from ACC.  If approved, you can simply contact Rose, Bridget or Claire at the office and schedule surgery.  Dr Brick's lists book out about 6 weeks.  

If you are declined by ACC, then the options are to lodge an appeal for Independent Medical Review, use health insurance if you have it, self fund or be referred to the public health system.  Dr Brick will help you decide which option is best for you, as ACC will fund one extra clinic visit even if you have been declined.

An ACC appeal takes around 3 months.  If you are insured and do not wish to wait, it is also possible to proceed with surgery using your insurance and appeal the ACC decision at the same time.  Your insurance company will be well used to this process and will help you through it.

Our office will send you out a pre-op pack with operation day instructions such as when to stop eating and drinking pre-op, what medications to stop, and when to arrive at the hospital. (Southern Cross North Harbour, 232 Wairau Rd)